• 2021-12-20



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Axon' Products Specifically Designed For The nuclear Energy Industry

在2021年12月5日至9日举办的磁约束聚变能大会上,会议的主办单位包括中国国际核聚变能源计划执行中心、中科院等离子体物理研究所、核工业西南物理研究院和中国工程物理研究院。Axon' 为ITER项目提供了聚酰亚胺电缆和气密性连接器

During the CFEC exhibiton,The conference organizers include ITER China, and ASIPP, and SWIP, and CAEP. Axon' had provided polyimide cable and hermetic connectors to ITER project. 


Axon' 作为世界上最大的磁聚变装置ITER项目的供应商之一,为ITER项目提供自主开发的聚酰亚胺和Poliax™绝缘材料的电线和电缆。Axon' 的电缆主要应用于诊断和检测超导磁体的系统。Axon' 提供的电线电缆具有出色的电气性能,尺寸更小,柔韧性好,同时能够抵抗极端的条件,包括超高真空应用、低温等,可以在很大的温度范围内承受高辐射剂量和中子通量。

Axon', as one of the largest suppliers of ITER project of magnetic fusion device in the world, provides independently developed wires and cables of polyimide and Poliax™ insulation materials for ITER project. Axon' is mainly used in the system of diagnosing and detecting superconducting magnets. Axon' provides wires and cables with excellent electrical performance, smaller size and good flexibility, and can resist extreme conditions, including ultra-high vacuum application and low temperature, which can withstand high radiation dose and neutron flux in a wide temperature range.


同时Axon' 开发的HermAx®系列密封微矩形型连接器也在ITER项目中成功应用,用作真空穿透连接器。HermAx®连接器特殊的Glass-ceramic密封材料与金属面有着优良的接触特性使得该连接器具有出色的电气和机械性能。因此,Axon' 的 HermAx®系列连接器可以在恶劣环境应用中提供极低的泄漏率。HermAx®系列连接器可以提供激光焊接和O-Ring两种密封方式供客户选择。

At the same time, HermAx® series sealed micro rectangular connectors developed by Axon' have also been successfully applied in ITER project as vacuum penetration connectors. The special Glass-ceramic sealing material of HermAx® connector has excellent contact characteristics with the metal surface, which makes the connector have excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Therefore, Axon's HermAx® series connectors can provide extremely low leakage rate in harsh environment applications. HermAx® series connectors can provide laser welding and O-Ring sealing methods for customers to choose from.


Axon' 的市场定向是生产世界一流的产品和提供一流及快速的服务,专业为顾客设计、生产各种高科技产品。Axon' 期待与您相约下一届CFEC。

Axon' s market orientation is to produce world-class products and provide first-class and fast services, and specialize in designing and producing various high-tech products for customers. See you next time.